In the video, I want to demo you all about using GitHub as our backend API for our iOS application free if you don’t want to host your own server for backend API. This is just for a simple app that needs small data or static data. Although, sometimes you can use this method to hosting some configuration that you need to update later. I hope this video can make some ideas for you and helpful for you all. Thanks

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In this video, we are demo how to build a simple book list app that retrieves data from API and then lists it in the table view. when the user clicks on an item on table view it will bring the user to a details screen that will be shown about pdf file from url. check out below video for more:

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I’m trying to use Swift to make a GET call to a REST API, and have tried to follow numerous tutorials, but can’t figure it out. Either because I cannot figure out how to translate all the Obj-C to Swift, or because half of the methods n’ such are deprecated. Does anyone know how to make the call, and parse returned JSON data?

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In this video tutorial, we are using URLSession. The URLSession class and related classes provide an API for downloading data from…

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If you want to load resources from a particular place, such as JavaScript and CSS files, you can set the baseURL parameter to any URL. This could, for example, be the resource path for your app bundle, which would allow you to use local images and other assets alongside your generated HTML.

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Currently, I'm working on web development and mobile development. So I want to share my configuration for my mac os with you all. and I hope you all like it. please comment what your suggestion. Thanks.

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WordPress is a web publishing software you can use to create a wonderful blog or website. It just may be the easiest and most flexible blogging and website content management system (CMS) for beginners.

It is really useful for someone that needs a website that easy to install with a little bit of knowledge of coding.

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“Hello, I had some issues with my hard drive, so I decided to format it. Now, I am trying to install new Windows on my computer. However, it is showing me an error that says windows cannot be installed on drive 0 partitions 1. Did you ever face this error during installation? How did you manage to resolve it?”

Above is someone that has the issue related to this window hard drive cannot install a new window.

Check out the video for the simple solution.

And I hope you all love this video and I hope this video can help your all.

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